Gallery of Collaborations: functional jars with burl wood lids

All of the items on this page are examples of past work, already sold.

   As potter and woodworker, working side by side, it was obvious to us that ceramic and wood should be a great marriage of materials, for the kind of functional work that we like to do. We came up with the idea to make decorative, but useful ceramic jars, in many shapes and colors, that have wooden, rather than clay tops.

Carved and impressed jar, Tenmoku glaze, maple burl with Jasper ~ 7" dia.

   Barbara wheel throws each stoneware jar first, in a porcelain type clay. Her glazes are chosen not only to enhance the shapes, but to be a ground for the wooden tops. After the jars are fired, Gary designs and turns the custom fitted lids, from a variety of hard burl, and other figured woods. His goal is to harmonize the wood, with glazes, and textures.

We also collect special decorative stone shapes and beads, to be used, as finials on the lids, and to tie all of the color elements together. We consult each other on every detail of each jar. Because the elements are seldom repeated, each jar then becomes, a one-of-a kind work.

The hope is that with such attention to all the different materials, each collaborative piece will become more than just the sum of its parts. 

Spalted buckeye burl lid on copper blue jar, 7" dia.
Shino glaze w/copper, spalted buckeye burl
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