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Garden and Deck Totems

NEW Totems will be ready for our JUNE SALE  6/ 9-11 /2017

All garden totems are weather proof stoneware shapes that are threaded on to a 1/2" iron pipe and attached to a black custom cement base. They may be placed on a deck, or they may be installed into the ground, either loosely or cemented.

The totem prices range between $100. to $150. per foot according to detail and size of items added. There is a minimum of 3 ft. and a new maximum of 6 ft. Sometimes extra parts are availble for purchase.

Sorry, I do not ship. 


Four favorite smaller totems -  3 and 4 ft.    (sold)

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Tiny tabletop totem gallery   10" tall     (sold)

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 More details 

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 Older totems installed in gardens

Very tall
Totem in Bodega Bay garden
one of THE tallest
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