Gary Lawrence Wood   ~turning & carving


  Gary Lawrence, a native Californian, chose Sonoma Co. as his home in 1982. Since 1972, his self-taught woodworking has included carpentry, cabinetry, and small carved objects, such as jewelry and sculpture, in wood, bone and ivory.

  Using natural forms for inspiration, Gary brings to each box his ideas of form with function, a sense of style and his deep appreciation of the inherent beauty of wood.

  The wood lathe enables Gary to build boxes in the round, that have an intimacy of shapes, fitting easily into hands. These hand held forms, invite a closer view of the woods' own landscapes and colors.

  Current Work~   turned and carved boxes

Photo gallery of past work                                                                          turned and carved boxes


                                                                                                              Inlaid boxes

                                                                                                                                                         Large pendants with inlay

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