Barbara Hoffmann Pottery

     My 50 years of work in pottery is mostly in high, gas fired, reduction stoneware, though at times, I have also worked in wood-fire, salt glaze, porcelain, earthenware and Raku. Combining form with function, as well as my values as an artist, I am eager to make useful objects that might enhance the user's everyday life in some way. As with most artists, I am inspired by nature, natural earth pigments, texture and design elements common to ancient cultures world wide. I am honored to work in a medium that dates back to Neolithic cultures, when women made the cooking pots, the storage jars and the richly decorated ritual vessels, strong expressions of artistic humanity.

     I hope that I will always be experimenting with the many variables of clay, glaze chemistry and firing, thereby continuing my long self-education, and interest in ceramics.

                                                                                                                                                    Click image to enlarge          

 ANIMAL TOTEMS  $500. each                         




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